How do I access my software?

The server that hosts your application provides a secure tunnel through which you request access. The program that does this is called Remote Desktop and it does pretty much what the name says, gives you remote access to the desktop on the remote Windows computer. It's sort-of like stretching a really long cable from the remote server to your home or office and hooking it up to your keyboard and monitor. You send it commands with your keyboard and mouse and it shows you what happened on the screen--all in real time!

The Remote Desktop software is freely available on all major computer platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux--and yes, even on tablets and phones (but it might really hard to see and type on small devices).

Oh, and in case you're wondering, you do NOT have to have a Windows computer to run your remote Windows application. Yes, that means you can use your Mac at home to access the Windows software run at the office! What do you think about that?